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 President: Randy Rivas (ranrivas@yahoo.com ) 719-233-7099

 Vice President: Doug Hirdler (doughirdler@gmail.com) 320-630-4355

 Secretary: Pat Oakes (patoakesrocky@yahoo.com)  719-339-4265

 Treasurer: Alton Oakes (aoakessprint1@earthlink.net) 719-439-3590

 Claims Chairman: Alton Oakes (aoakessprint1@earthlink.net) 719-439-3590


 Appointed by the President:

 Nuggeteer Editor: Position Open

 Outings Chairman: Alton Oakes (aoakessprint1@earthlink.net) 719-439-3590

 Hospitality Chairperson: Position Open

 Webmaster: Doug Hirdler (doughirdler@gmail.com) 320-630-4355

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